Artificial sweeteners: Why bother?

The research on artificial sweeteners is mixed. Some claim negligible risks and side effects, and that you only need to worry at high doses. Some studies find some pretty scary potential side effects. Some have found that your body reacts to fake sugar like real sugar anyway (i.e., it can still make you fat). I’ve been around long enough to see this play out over and over again for the past few decades. Some new sweetener is created in a lab and proudly announced. It is put into tons of food products and we’re told it’s safe. Then, years later they say; “Ooops! We were wrong. This stuff causes cancer! But now we have this NEW fake sweetener and we’re really sure it’s safe THIS time.”

To hell with that. You know what is safe? Real food. So, I say why eat questionable sweeteners if you don’t have to? I follow a Primal philosophy when it comes to the occasional sweet treat. I mostly eat fruit and nut butters as my treat. If I occasionally want to make a dessert that calls for sweetener I use a little raw organic honey or pure organic maple syrup. Nothing artificial.

Couple of good articles on sweeteners: