Guide to Success with CrossFit:

  1. Turn up!! Frequency and consistency of training is super important
  2. Be uncomfortable!! Intensity is what makes the program work. Sweat, puff, strain, rest less. What you get out of the program is directly related to how much discomfort you can endure!!
  3. You MUST change your diet!! 3 quality meals and plenty of water. Meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch and no sugar. Control portions and no processed foods.
  4.  Be social!! Connect with the community, find friends and learn names.
  5. You are only competing with yourself. Use the group to motivate effort. The scoreboard is meant to inspire your best effort but it doesn’t mean anything.
  6. Technique matters!!! You need to be good at the movement to get a great workout.
  7. If you are a competitor train like a competitor. If you are here for health and fitness then train for health. Don’t mix those two things up. They are different versions of CrossFit.
  8. Goals must match behavior otherwise you are in denial. You are in total control of your behavior. No excuses!!

I think this is a great post and summarizes what we all should strive for in Crossfit! Thanks, @crossfittinhawaiiantexaschick!!

Great CrossFit advice

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